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This year's final numismatic coin on sale from 7 December – commemmorative € 2 coin issued to celebrate 30 years of the EU flag

2. 12. 2015

Starting next Monday select branches of Deželna banka Slovenije will hold for sale the commemorative € 2 coin with a joint European motif celebrating 30 years of the EU flag. This coin completes the 2015 issue of commemorative and collector coins by the Republic of Slovenia honouring different events.

After the June issue of collector coins marking 500 years of the first Slovene printed text (gold, silver and € 3 coins in the BU and proof versions), and the November issue of the € 2 Ljubljana – Emona commemorative coin (the BU version, and the proof version in the capsule casing), the Republic of Slovenia is also issuing the € 2 commemorative coin (to be sold at EUR 2) honouring the EU flag.

The history of the EU flag goes back to 1955, when the Council of Europe adopted as a symbol of its organization the flag with a circle of 12 yellow (gold) stars on a blue background. The stars stand for the ideals of unity, solidarity and harmony among the peoples of Europe. In 1983 the flag was adopted by the European Parliament, and in 1985 by all EU leaders (then leaders of the European Communities) as the official European Union flag. To mark the 30th anniversary of the flag being confirmed as an EU emblem, the euro area countries are issuing a special commemorative € 2 coin with a common design (EU flag surrounded by 12 stylized human figures). The years "1985–2015" and the name of the issuing country in its national language will also appear on each coin. The design was created by Georgios Stamatopoulos, and coins were minted in Italy.

The entire volume of numismatic coins will be available for ordinary sale. There will be no additional minting of numismatic coins issued in 2015.

Select branches of Deželna banka Slovenije also offer the following numismatic coins for sale: limited quantities of numismatic coins issued by the Republic of Slovenia in 2015; the 2015 euro coin set issued by the Bank of Slovenia, which consists of all the euro coin denominations with a Slovene national obverse; the € 3 bimetallic collector coin honouring 500 years of the first Slovene printed text; and the € 2 Emona – Ljubljana commemorative coin.