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Collector coins issued to honour the 500th anniversary of the first Slovene printed text on sale from 15 June 2015

10. 6. 2015

This year the Republic of Slovenia is issuing collector coins to honour the 500th anniversary of the first Slovene printed text. Starting Monday they will be available for sale at branches of Deželna banka Slovenije, the authorised Bank of Slovenia agent.

The numismatic issue will include a gold collector coin with the face value of EUR 100 (sales price EUR 320), a silver collector coin with the face value of EUR 30 (sales price of EUR 40) and a €3 bimetallic collector coin with the face value of EUR 3 (sales price EUR 3). The latter will also be available in the proof version (sales price EUR 10).

This year"s first numismatic issue displays the facsimile of the Slovenian text printed on a leaflet from 1515, the year that the pan-Slovenian peasant uprising started. The leaflet had been printed in Vienna and contains a song in German describing rebellious peasants in Carniola and the victory over them. The leaflet also features the Slovenian slogan “Stara prauda” ("old levies"), and the Slovenian rebels" war cry “Leukhup, leukhup, leukhup, leukhup woga gmaina” ("Peasants, unite") which was probably part of a rebel song. These were the first words printed in the Slovene language. A copy of the leaflet is kept at the National and University Library in Ljubljana. Coins were designed by Edi Berk, and they were minted in a mint in Slovakia. 
The Republic of Slovenia will issue two additional numismatic coins this year, a  commemorative Emona-Ljubljana €2 coin with the face value of EUR 2 (proof version too) and a commemorative €2 coin honouring the 30th anniversary of the European Union"s flag with a common European design, likewise with the face value of EUR 2 (ordinary non-proof version). The Bank of Slovenia will issue a coin set (ordinary non-proof version and proof version) this year, including all euro coin face values with a Slovene national obverse as well as the collector €3 bimetallic coin issued to honour the first Slovene printed text and the €2 commemorative Emona-Ljubljana coin. Both commemorative coins and the coin set are expected to go on sale in the last quarter of 2015. 
The entire amount of numismatic coins will be available for ordinary sale.There will be no additional minting of numismatic coins issued in 2015. 

For the latest news regarding numismatics please check regularly the websites of Deželna banka Slovenije (www.dbs.si) and Bank of Slovenia (www.bsi.si).