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Commemorative coins honouring 10 years of Euro cash available from 3 January 2012

28. 12. 2011

Ljubljana, 22 December 2011 – Starting Tuesday, 3 January 2012, 25 branches of Deželna banka Slovenije across the country will offer for sale commemorative €2 coins, commemorative €2 proof coins and commemorative €2 proof coin cards.

Commemorative €2 coins will be sold at the face value of EUR 2, commemorative €2 proof coins at EUR 7, and commemorative €2 proof coin cards at EUR 12 each.

These numismatic coins will be available at 25 branches of Deželna banka Slovenije across the country (list of branches: https://www.dbs.si/obanki/kontaktniobrazec/numizmatika.asp) and cannot be purchased through other channels (online, by fax).

Additionally in 2012, public sale will open presumably in January for collector gold and silver coins honouring the European Capital of Culture – Maribor 2012, and by July we expect to also hold collector gold, silver and €3 bicoloured coins (proof, too) issued by the Republic of Slovenia to honour the first Olympic medal won 100 years ago, as well as the 2012 euro coin series.

All numismatic coins are legal tender in the Republic of Slovenia. There will be no additional minting of the numismatic coins issued in 2012.

Our braches will offer the entire numismatic issue for retail sale, less the coins sold to customers that had placed advance orders in 2011. In 2012 the designated branches of Deželna banka Slovenije will continue collecting advance orders for the numismatic coins to be issued on various occasions in 2013. The subscribers that had in 2011 not purchased their ordered gold or silver coins or the BU coin set have been deleted from the subscribers list.

Since coin cards have been minted in small numbers, they will be available over the initial 30 days to subscribers only. 

For the latest news regarding numismatics please check regularly the websites of the Bank of Slovenia and Deželna banka Slovenije.

We also still offer limited numbers of numismatic coins issued by the Republic of Slovenia in past years.

By distributing numismatic coins Deželna banka Slovenije is contributing to a better understanding of numismatics and to enhancing the financial culture in Slovenia.