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Deželna banka Slovenije d. d. recapitalization information

8. 12. 2014

On the basis of the provisions of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange Rules and the applicable legislation, Deželna banka Slovenije d. d. hereby makes the following announcement:

Results and conclusion of round one of the capital increase

At its regular, 30th meeting as at 14 October 2014, the AGM of Deželna banka Slovenije d. d. (DBS d. d.) passed the resolution to increase the share capital of DBS d. d. by maximally EUR 4,636,588.28. A maximum of 1,111,112 new ordinary par value shares were to be issued in respect of the share capital increase, each sold at EUR 9.00. The Securities Market Agency approved the Prospectus for the Public Offering of Shares of DBS d. d. on 24 October 2014 (record date), and the public offering was thereupon launched on 4 November 2014. Round one of the offering was intended for existing shareholders with the right of pre-emption, and lasted until 3 December 2014.

In round one, existing shareholders subscribed and paid 225,546 newly issued DBS d. d. shares in the total issue value of EUR 2,029,914.00.

The offering will be considered successful provided that at least 444,445 newly issued shares in the total amount of at least EUR 4,000,005.00 are subscribed and paid.

Start of round two of the capital increase

A total of 885,556 DBS d. d. shares that were not subscribed and paid in round one will be available for sale to the Banks existing shareholders and external investors in round two of the offering.

Round two will begin on the day this notice is published, i.e. 8 December 2014, and will last until inclusive 31 December 2014.

- Prospectus,
- Summary Prospectus,
- Power-of-Attorney – Individuals,
- Power-of-Attorney – Legal Entities,
- Documents Needed for Subscription and Payment of New DBS d. d. Shares,
- List of Subscription Venues,
- Round Two Subscription Certificate.

This announcement will be posted on the DBS d. d. website from 8 December 2014 for a period of not less than five years.

Deželna banka Slovenije d. d.
Management Board