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Deželna banka Slovenije reappointed as dealer for numismatic coins for 2011-2013

22. 12. 2010

The Bank of Slovenia reappointed Deželna banka Slovenije as dealer of numismatic coins for the period 2011–2013. The commercial sale in 2001 is expected to open in March, when numismatic coins are going to be available across 24 units of Deželna banka Slovenije.

After its successful distribution of numismatic coins in the years 2008–2010, Deželna banka Slovenije was reappointed to deal collector and commemorative coins issued by the Republic of Slovenia in the period 2011–2013.

In 2011 Deželna banka Slovenije will offer numismatic coins in 24 of its branch offices. This makes numismatic values available across all regions of Slovenia and thus accessible to the greatest number of interested parties. Numismatic coins cannot be purchased through other sales channels.

Presumably coming out in March, the first minted issue will be the commemorative €2 coin issued to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Slovenias national hero Franc Rozman – Stane (also proof). Collector gold, silver and €3 bi-coloured coins will follow in June, marking the 20th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Slovenia (also proof), while a collection of euro coins from 2011 will be made available in the same moth. The final mintage of numismatic coins in 2001, which is planned to enter the retail market in August, will include collector gold and silver coins and mark the World Rowing Championship in Bled. More

All numismatic coins are legal tender in the Republic of Slovenia. There will be no additional minting of the numismatic values issued in 2011.

Apart from coins ordered in advance, entire mintages will be available for commercial sale.  In 2011 buyers will again be able to place advance orders for numismatic coins issued in 2012, either by visiting a branch office of Deželna banka Slovenije or by filling out an on-line form on the banks website www.dbs.si/numizmatika.

The latest information on numismatics in Slovenia is available on the websites of Deželna banka Slovenije and Banka Slovenije.

Deželna banka Slovenije still holds a limited number of numismatic coins issued by the Republic of Slovenia in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

By distributing numismatic coins Deželna banka Slovenije is contributing to a better understanding of numismatics and enhancing financial culture in Slovenia.