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New issue of commemorative coins – honouring 8th centenary of first visit to Postojna Cave – available from 4 February 2013

31. 1. 2013

Starting Monday, 4 February 2013, 25 Deželna banka Slovenije branches will offer for retail sale 2€ commemorative coins and 2€ commemorative coins proof, both issued by the Republic of Slovenia to mark the 8th centenary of the first visit to the Postojna Cave. The retail price of the 2€ commemorative coin is its nominal value, EUR 2, while the 2€ commemorative coin proof will cost EUR 9.

These numismatic products will be available in 25 branches of Deželna banka Slovenije (list of branches: https://www.dbs.si/obanki/kontaktniobrazec/numizmatika.asp), and cannot be purchased via other sales channels (Internet, fax).

The following issue of numismatic coins – and at the same time the last released this year – will be available from 25 February. It will include collector gold, silver and €3 bicoloured coins issued by the Republic of Slovenia to honour the 3rd centenary of the Great Tolmin Peasant Uprising (also proof sets), and the 2013 euro coin series.

All numismatic coins are legal tender in the Republic of Slovenia. There will be no additional minting of the numismatic coins issued in 2013.

Like in previous years, Deželna banka Slovenije in 2013 accepts advance orders for all numismatic coins to be released in 2014. Those that had made advance orders for 2012 coins but did not purchase a golden or silver coin or a coin set last year have been deleted from the list of subscribers for 2013.

We also still offer limited quantities of the numismatic coins issued by the Republic of Slovenia in the past years.